A future city unfolding today

What's all the fuss about?

A  four part series of Balfour Homes most enquired about land estates this year

For the thrill seekers, for those with sneakers; for the family makers and opportunity takers; for the little groms and the soccer moms; for the progressive mind and those looking to unwind;  for quality designs, and infrastructure that shines; for the first home buyer, for those wishing to retire; for the next generation, actually… for the entire nation…

Let’s explore why this suburban locality is unanimously ticking all the boxes for so many future homeowners… or should we say, future Flagstonians?


This seriously up and coming future city; a hive for business, entertainment, adventure, community, investment and fulfilment for all its residence; is becoming more and more in demand as each day goes by. The buzz of urban living meets the serenity of peaceful residential neighbourhoods in a setting reflecting Australia’s natural beauty, becoming an unquestionable investment for new home buyers.

Located in one of South-East Queensland's most desirable and expanding corridors, Flagstone is the crowning jewel in the Greater Flagstone District, of the city of Logan.

Hand in hand; the city life and great outdoors

At Flagstone, there isn't a more accurate way to describe the synergy of the great outdoors  meeting the conveniences of city life than it being ‘the best of both worlds’.

Here you have the opportunity to own land and home in a future city, buzzing 16 hours a day, full of employment opportunities, state of the art infrastructure, exceptional educational options for your children, plenty of entertainment, with all the amenities and comforts you desire at arms reach.

Whilst being surrounded by lush green spaces of natural fauna and inspired parklands for your recreational enjoyment. Delicately navigating the landscape has allowed this estate to flow seamlessly from township to nature, creating an infusion of urban and rural living.

Each residential neighbourhood has been illustrated with its own unique character whilst equally echoing flagstone distinct design, intertwining the large estate as one. You’ll feel at home wherever you wander at Flagstone.

Grab a piece of the pie before it’s all gone

You know those people who bought their humble abodes way back before the city became the city? … Fast forward some years and their property is in the centre of Brisbane, and worth a pretty penny. We’re all thinking “oh how I wish I could see into the future and see where the next hotspot is going to be”.

Well your property psychic Balfour Homes is here to offer palm readings… just kidding… but it’s not just our crystal ball telling us that Flagstone is going to be the next big city in Queensland.

Approved by the Queensland government to provide approximately 50,000 dwellings to house a population of up to 120,000 people; The Greater Flagstone Priority Development scheme has been set up to give the market long-term confidence in construction over the next 20-25 years.

The birth of a new city like Flagstone rarely comes around, so to have the opportunity to invest in the early stages is incredible. Buying here is not just an investment in your living situation; whereby you become a homeowner; but an investment in your future.

Offering affordable and blissful living, smart home-buyers and investors are snapping up home and land packages set to be prime real-estate as the city development progresses.

Flagstonian life

Integrating yourself into the neighbourhood and becoming a Flagstone property homeowner, automatically makes you a ‘Flagstonian’. A member of a community full of drive, passion and connection with a calendar full of local events supported by a development company that puts its residents' needs first.

This master planned estate has a plethora of exciting things to enjoy as soon as you move in. So, what does life look like as a Flagstonian?

Flagstone Parklands

Get out and about with family and friends, exhaust the kids, have a BBQ, walk the dog, exercise and more at the many magnificent parklands scattered around the Flagstone estate.

Take the kids for the ultimate playtime at Flagstones epic Adventure playground where they can climb an 11m high tower, run through the 19m long sky bridge, slide down the slippery dip or whiz past on the flying fox. Kids growing up at Flagstone can adventure any day of the week.

Knocking the local parks out of the water, on a hot day take the family for a splash load of fun at Flagstones Water Play Park. There’s never been a better way to cool down in summer!

Weekend adventures

The luxury of living at Flagstone continues when you look at all the wonders to explore surrounding the estate. A short drive to lagoons, national parks, wineries, golf clubs and picturesque bays, there is always something to fight boredom on the weekend.  

Community events

Flagstonians are big on getting together and sharing good times within the community. Never a dull moment, the calendar is chock full of fun happening events throughout the year, bringing you markets, clubs, social mixers, workshops, seasonal festivities and more.

Flagstone Community Grants Program

Living at Flagstone when it comes to community investment, you’ll see just how much your dreams and voice matter. Making this estate stand out from the crowd, we absolutely love what the development is doing to help individuals and groups build a thriving community; where health, sports, arts and culture, education and the environment are a strong focus.

Flagstone offers funding through a Community Grants Program, where your ideas and initiatives can grow from initial thoughts to a positive reality, making a difference to benefit the community.

What’s to come

As an emerging city, with a 30 year vision for innovation and self-sufficiency, there is undoubtedly more to come at Flagstone, ever improving a place you will get to call home.

Peet has created an opulent roadmap; the ‘Community Engagement, Development and Activation Plan (CEDA); for Flagstone's future, delivering new services, activities, facilities and jobs to the area. Understanding that exceptional communities aren’t coincidental, Peet has taken pride in investing in the prospects of the township, cultivating longevity of success for this growing community, and ultimately planning a city where you and your family can live your best lives.

Upon completion, there will be 12,000 homes, a pivotal hive of 126 hectares servicing a population of 30,000 with 44,000sqm of retail space, 58,000sqm of office space and an interstate rail service running through the middle; ideal for those little weekend vacays.

This estate is making a loud noise on the development scene, and with such a bountiful outlook, it’s no wonder home buyers are acting fast to snatch up a home and land package before it’s too late!

Arm-twisting Incentives

And we thought the first homeowners grant was pretty spectacular… but if the infusion of urban living in a natural setting, the connection of a close-knit community where your opinion matters, the year-round events and fun filled adventures for the weekends or the investment potential and exciting future for the estate, on top of the Government Grants, isn’t enough to imagine yourself as a Flagstonian, then perhaps these incredible incentives will be.

Referring a friend

Moving to Flagstone doesn’t have to mean goodbye to friends or family in your current neighbourhood. If you encourage your nearest and dearest to be nearer to you by making the move to Flagstone, you’ll receive a $2,000 gift card when they settle on a block.

In other words, you could be strolling to your best friend's house to catch-up on over 60,000 cups of tea… Or if you prefer, 1200 cold beers!

Free landscaping package

When you build at Flagstone, you’ll not only have a superb new build to look forward to, but as a bonus, the front garden will be shaped, turfed and flourishing upon your arrival. Simply choose from the two styles of contemporary traditional or Australian native and have the professional landscapers work their green thumbed magic.

Our 3 fun favourites…

Flagstone Neighbour Day Community BBQ

Join the community for a FREE BBQ hosted by PEET, in recognition of National Neighbour Day! Make new friends, enjoy local live music, get snapped by the photographer, and have a go at the 15m inflatable obstacle course - for the actual kids and the big kids! Supporting the local community, sharing good conversation over a delicious feed, sitting back and relaxing with your new neighbours is awaiting when you build at Flagstone!

Saturdaze Big Night Out

If you have a keen interest in motorised vehicles then this event is for you. This FREE community event gives 150 local car enthusiasts a stage to showcase their mix generation vehicles. Explore motorbikes, cars, trucks and 4x4s as well as car themed amusement rides, live musics, and a selection of local eateries offering car themed delights.

The event wasn’t just created for fun, it is also a platform to raise awareness for men’s mental health. Event partner Men’s Shed Flagstone will be encouraging candid conversations and information on the day.

FREE car inspections and consultations about car customisation will be on offer by the Queensland Police Service.

Fun for the whole family, especially at 4.30pm and 7pm when the Saturdaze Rumble ignites your ear drums in a simultaneous start up of all the vehicles engines!

The Flagstone Focus

Staying in the local loop with the Flagstone Focus; a periodic newsletter sharing community news, updates on development and upcoming events. Never miss a thing with this local read-all about the estate that you call home.  

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Sunday, January 1, 2023