Pebble Creek, South Maclean What's all the fuss about?

Pebble Creek, South Maclean What's all the fuss about?

A four-part series of Balfour Homes most enquired about land estates this year

Receiving numerous enquiries and catching the eyes of our young family and first
home buyers, this week we dive into part 2 of our four-part series; Pebble Creek in
South Maclean.

Pebble Creek captures the very essence of family living, delicately offering the
chance to hatch special moments and memories in a community built to enable a
fulfilling lifestyle, provide an opportunity to grow, and create a life within the

Here's why we love Pebble creek, South Maclean.

Thanks For The Memories
With no units, no busy main roads, all single dwellings, and just 646 lots in total, this
pocket community is one for the families. Its carefully curated design fosters a
haven for young families and first home buyers looking for that dreamy lifestyle
whereby all the kids on the block are besties and social gatherings at Pebble Creek
Parklands see the sun setting on a balmy summer's night.
For our customers, it’s more than getting onto the property ladder and owning a
home; although that is another point to expand on later; Pebble Creek is a place to
call home. Building at Pebble Creek is more than building a property with 4 walls and a roof -
and not just because the design options are exquisite. The new build you choose
will be the heart of your family home, whilst the community surrounding becomes
the body of fond memories that last a lifetime.

The Benefits of Owner Occupied Estates
One of the main reasons this estate forges unforgettable childhood memories and
perfect family living is the outstandingly high rate of owner occupiers within the
estate. Sitting at a whopping 90% owner occupancy, backed by real evidence, it’s
easy to see why this estate is the perfect place to meet forever friends, connect with
your neighbours and settle down into your forever home.

Furthermore, down the line if circumstances change - as we all know can happen in
this unpredictable thing called life; owner occupied properties offer something to rest
easy over in times of change. Throughout the peaks and troughs of the property
market, owner occupier type properties outperform investor grade properties
remaining in high demand and holding their value. So buying in an estate renowned
for this type of property, Pebble Creek offers a sense of security when you might
need it the most.

Where Dreams Become Reality
Pebble Creek is quickly becoming a place where home-owner dreams are made of
it seems. Time and time again this estate is seeing young couples and families step
foot onto the property ladder for the first time, and it’s an absolute pleasure to
Alongside the government’s First Home Buyers Grant, Pebble Creek features 5
distinct lot types and a broad variety of home designs, at very affordable package
prices, making many buyers' dreams to own property come true earlier than
And this doesn’t just appeal to first time buyers either; with such choice, the suburb
appeals to a wide range of buyers with varying budgets.
You only have to see the impeccable homes at Pebble Creek to understand that
Orchard Property Group doesn't just encourage you to be living your best life, they
expect it.

Following the appeal to young families, when it comes to education for our next
generation, Pebble Creek is brimming with choice. With primary, secondary and
combined colleges within the municipality and surrounding areas, Pebble Creek
easily scores further brownie points from its customers with or planning to have
We highly recommended taking a look at some of the fantastic schools your children
could be attending when you buy at Pebble Creek, including;

● Everleigh State School (opened in 2022)
● Flagstone State School

● Jimboomba State School
● Hills College
● Emmaus College

Closeness to Nature Alongside Key Infrastructure
Located just inland from Logan; a city booming with development and progression;
Pebble Creek hides behind a corridor of native bush, offering our customers the
chance to build their dream home in a serene and peaceful estate just a stone's
throw away from the city's hive of activity.
Pebble Creek was designed with the very notion of uncompromised living, balancing
the best of both worlds with must-have suburban amenities and a sense of
community whilst encapsulating the closeness of nature throughout the estate.
Commuting to any of the major cities and townships north, south and east towards
the coast is easy and quick; especially with the current expansion of Mount
Lindesay Highway, changing it from 3 lanes to 4.
Talking of road construction: Mountain Ridge Road was upgraded from a rural grade
road and now includes kerb and channel, an off-road pedestrian and bicycle path
and improved street lighting to the benefit of all residents in the area.
We love that you can feel secluded and safe in a neighbourhood that has access to
all that you may need.

Family Fun
One of the biggest draw cards for our customers at Pebble Creek is the investment
in outdoor recreation and parks intended for community enjoyment.
Pebble Creek Parklands snakes along Flagstone Creek gifting the neighbourhood
with playgrounds, sports ovals, multi-use courts, picnic areas, barbecues, an
off-leash dog park and bicycle tracks including Ripples Learn to Ride area and the
soon to be opened Adventure Bike Track.
This multimillion-dollar park and activity hub is the location for kids’ birthday parties,
all-year-round gatherings, family fun days out, fresh air on lunch breaks, gentle
strolls and booty kicking boot camps.

With such an offering of free fun for everyone, it's another perfect example of how
Pebble Creek is designed with you in mind.

The Community Voice Matters
“At the heart of everything we do is the belief that property development is
about understanding and meeting the needs of people – now and in the future.”

Orchard Property Group
We love that Pebble Creek hears your concerns, feedback and requests, takes
them on board and implements results for what matters most to the people of the
community. An example of this includes the co-funded camera between Orchard
Property Group and Logan City Council to improve safety within Pebble Creek.
Being a small community estate, Pebble Creek takes pride in looking after its estate,
consistently looking to improve, expand and provide for the community. With
exceptional amenities and connectivity, this estate cultivates a safe and happy
precinct for its dwellers to feel heard and provided for.

A Hidden Gem
We believe our customers at Balfour Homes who have bought at Pebble Creek or
are looking to buy, have found a hidden gem.
A community that your kids grow to find nostalgia and comfort in on their return as
adults, this community establishes the true meaning of home for so many of its
residents and will continue to for many years to come.
With a great prospect ahead, we can see how this flourishing and emerging estate
is capturing the hearts of young families and first home buyers with a view for the

Our 3 fun favourites...
To round off what we love about this estate, here are 3 exciting things to see, do or
be a part of when living at Pebble Creek in South Maclean.

Jimboomba Country Markets

A short 10 minutes from Pebble Creek, it's well worth a visit to the Jimboomba
Country Markets with over 350 sites to explore unique, locally made crafts, gifts,
homewares, plants and garden supplies, food and more. Enjoy every third Saturday
of each month (excluding January) all whilst knowing that your presence is
supporting the students of the Jimboomba State School, who operate the monthly

Hills Golf Course

For the eager golfer, the beginners or those just looking for a fun activity for the
weekend, the Hills Golf Club is just a 6 minute drive from Pebble Creek. With great
membership benefits and lessons to suit all abilities; whether you are new to the
game or looking to master your skill set, this club caters for all. And it even features
a fun mini golf course!

Canungra Valley Vineyards

We talked plenty about what Pebble Creek offers for young families, but with young
families come parents in need of some R&R. So whether you're dropping the kids
off at Grandma’s or not, every adult in the area deserves a trip to Canungra Valley

Located 43 minutes south from Pebble Creek, this divine establishment surrounded
by rolling hills and grazing cattle, provides multi award-winning boutique wine and a
dining experience you won’t forget.

And whilst for some, escaping the madness of your parental responsibilities to kick
back and enjoy a glass of wine with your loved one or friends sounds idyllic, the
option is always there if you do choose to bring the groms along. At Canungra
Valley there is a choice of picnic and barbeque areas to be enjoyed within a great
outdoor space for the kids to run around.

Actually, we fibbed... there's more

There were too many fun things to choose just 3, so here is a list of a few more
family fun places, for you to check out too!

● Kingston Park Raceway:
● Robelle Domain water and play park:
● Logan Entertainment Centre:

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Tuesday, January 3, 2023