Why now is the right time to build your own home

Undoubtedly, if you are looking to buy in the Brisbane area, it will come with no surprise that recent CoreLogic figures show Brisbane as the national leader on price growth, with house prices growing a monumental 32.75% in the past year.

The reflection of high demand and exciting prospects for the future of Brisbane is creating a boom in the market leaving home ownership within the area seemingly unreachable for many?

Terry Ryder, founder of hotspotting.com.au and Australia's No.1 real estate analyst, seems to think otherwise as he identifies 5 affordable yet desirable districts of the 159 Brisbane suburbs tipped to grow in this rising market;

  1. Ipswich
  2. Redcliffe peninsula
  3. Logan
  4. Wynnum
  5. Areas surrounding the olympic precinct.

Terry Ryder ‘top 5 Brisbane hotspots 2022’

As the Australian Bureau of Statistics establishes Brisbane with the biggest quarterly rise in residential property prices of any city in the last quarter, it’s no wonder Ryder encourages buyers to get in quick, as significant growth is set to occur in the next five years.  

Balfour Homes Director and erudite in the property market, James Mullany, recognizes buyer demand at a time of rapid growth, supporting Ryder’s advice to seize the opportunity;

“we are still being inundated with enquiries of people saying the same thing they’ve always said; that they are sick and tired of renting. The fact the markets moved and people have already missed out on potential investment gains through property growth has only fueled customers' desires to escape the rental trap and get into their own home”.

The return on investment is inevitable as Ryder predicts homes in Ipswich have the potential to jump another 20% in the next 12 months due to being so undervalued.

Looking at the horizon for Brisbane’s property market, Ryder further discusses the upward trend continuing, “it will continue to be a growth market as it heads towards the 2032 Olympics – keeping in mind that the biggest impact of an Olympics comes in the years leading up to the event”.

The window for affordability in the Brisbane suburbs is narrowing. If you are looking to buy in the Greater Brisbane area, it would be wise to listen to the experts as Ryder’s latest research is certainly showing that acting sooner rather than later will pay off.

Call your specialist at Balfour Homes to discuss the exciting infrastructure projects happening around Brisbane's up and coming hotspot suburbs, where you could have the best of both worlds when investing in your new home!





Posted on:

Tuesday, March 1, 2022