Why our customers LOVE Lendlease's estate in Yarrabilba

“My customers love what Lendlease are proactively doing in Yarrabilba for the community”

Cody McNally, Sales representative at Balfour Homes tells us what his customers are loving most about Lendlease's Yarrabilba. Read on to find out!

On the agenda this week; is a suburb where nature harmoniously meets neighborhoods, in a province designed to inspire an active outdoor lifestyle, and a stone’s throw away from two major city hotspots; Yarrabilba!

Here are a few of the things we love, and you’ll get to love when you choose to build in Lendlease's beautiful estate in Yarrabiliba


Nestled amongst Plunkett Conservation Park and overlooked by Mt Tamborine, Yarrabilbla's idyllic surroundings mask the ‘best of both worlds’  location.

Be in the hustle and bustle of Brisbane's CBD in under an hour, just 45kms away. Take a cruisy 1 hour drive down to the Gold Coast for a cheeky surf on the weekend.

Range of Land size

Yarrabilba offers a variety of block sizes to cater for every budget, varying from a humble 333m2 all the way up to a generous 765m2.

“Yarrabilba has been the fourth fastest selling project in Australia since 2012, with over 1,000 people moving here each year.” according to investment group Lendlease.

With current prices ranging between $208,000 - $295,000* It's no wonder land packages are in swift demand.

*Prices reflected at the time this article was written and since may have changed.

Embrace the Great Outdoors

Pathways and walking trails

Walk, cycle, skate, or even dust off those retro roller blades hanging at the back of your garage, because at Yarrabilba it's never been easier from one neck of the woods to your new community friends on the other side of town with the growing network of pathways designed for your leisure.

Parks inspired by nature

Along the way swing by one of the widely enjoyed community parks, uniquely designed to respect the culture and history of Yarrabilba, whilst reflecting the luscious green bushland surrounding.

Something for everyone

  • Take a stroll down the Jinnung Jalli Native Trail; Jinnung Jalli means ‘walking around through the trees’ in the language of the traditional custodians of Yarrabilba, the Yugambeh people.
  • Let the kids explore and adore an adventure playground.
  • Have a picnic in the sunshine or a BBQ at the many facilities scattered across the parks.
  • Fun for your furry friends at one of the designated parks.

Yarrabilba has the perfect outdoor adventure for you and your family.

Brimming with Established Amenities with plans to expand

You can rest assured that once your home is built in Yarrabilba, settling into the neighborhood will be easier than ever with the multitude of established amenities ready to enjoy, right on your doorstep.

Alongside all of your essential medical needs at the Yarrabilba Village Centre, the suburb is abundant with retail, dining and other professional services; with much more to come;

  • More parks
  • More schools
  • More medical
  • More sport and community hubs
  • More shopping/ business

Here’s but to name just a few…

Existing facilities

Medical essentials; doctors, dentist, QML pathology, skin Clinic

Brand new, 3,300 square metre, FULL line Coles supermarket

Ampol station & Foodary

Hair and beauty salons, barberCafes, restaurants and bakery

4 Childcare and kindergarten centres

Yarrafit gym

Kids Therapy Club

Little Snappers Swim School

Vet hospital and Pawfect Place Doggy Day Care and Spa

In the pipeline

Yarrabilba Tavern - on track to open by the end of ‘22

More parks on the way to add to the current 11

Ultratune Mechanics

Second state high school

Hoppy’s Car wash

Yarrabilba Health City’ with speciality units for Cardiology, Oncology, radiology, dental surgery, and allied health care.

11 primary and secondary schools upon completion

Yarrabilba Community TAFE Learning Centre

Job opportunities

The work-life balance has never been easier to achieve in a community like Yarrabilba, where growing the local economy is an integral and important commitment.

The opportunity for residents to work/build businesses in the same place they live and play is an unbelievable bonus to living here, and highly accessible with the astonishing employment forecast the development has to offer;

  • Over 13,000 onsite jobs to be created upon completion
  • Approximately 1,250 construction-related jobs were created per annum over the 30 years of development
  • 100+ Ha Industry and Business space
  • A Town Centre catering for up to 80,000 sqm of retail floor space

The Exchange

Making it easier than ever to connect locals to local jobs, ‘The Exchange’ is more than just an employment office. Here you can find specific training programs, professional development, resume writing assistance and direct links to employment opportunities - all for free!

We love this community service; and it’s another reason we LOVE Yarrabilba estate!

Work from home

Keeping up with evolving times,  Lendlease's Yarrabilba is on-trend providing the necessities you’ll need when working from home; the ‘new norm’ for many in the wake of the pandemic. Yarrabilba’s lightning-speed fibre optic network makes remote working convenient and enjoyable.

You could be lapping up the fresh home build in your brand new home office, with all the amenities you need at your fingertips!!

Immerse yourself within the Community

At Yarrabilba, we absolutely love the vision for community spirit and connection, ingrained through the carefully curated master plan. Designed in a way to allow businesses to thrive, kids to grow up side-by-side in a safe haven and vibrant social events to fill your calendar, Yarrabilba is a place to get involved!

Sailing the communities social ship throughout the year is Yarrabilba’s community partnership manager; taking care of the logistics and organisation of over 25 community groups, social markets and seasonal festivities, and family activities regularly scheduled.

Yarrabilba oozes hometown vibes, a place to create childhood memories in your forever home.

Walk your kids to school

Upon completion, Yarrabilba will be the home to 11 primary and secondary schools with 4 already established. With a great range of schooling options on your doorstep, you can rest assured that there will be an education facility that caters for your child's every need.  

Promising a sense of belonging and a bright future, Lendlease recognises the need for accessible high-quality education for our next generation. Supporting the families in this growing community, Lendlease awards education scholarships through the Yarrabilba Brighter Futures Scholarship program, turning perpetual learning into a reality.

Blossoming starts for the groms

Preparing the little ones for a confident start at school whilst supporting young families, there will be 5 childcare and early learning centres scattered across the Yarrabilba community, with 5 already up and running.

Join the club

Further advocating the active wellbeing and connection within the community, Yarrabilba is plentiful with sporting groups and activities to get stuck into.

  • Currently home to 2 sports and recreation hubs, with 5, yes FIVE… more to come!!
  • Sign up to one of the many sports clubs offering touch football, cricket, basketball, netball and rugby.
  • Or perhaps you fancy a run? Join the Saturday morning running group in Darlington Parklands.
  • Whip yourself into shape at an early morning bootcamp in one of those beautiful parks we’ve earlier been banging on about.

All whilst Looking Out for Our Planet

Remember we left you hanging with what Balfour Homes Sales Representative, Cody McNally, had to say about what his customers love about Yarrabilba?

“My customers love what Lendlease are proactively doing to combat climate change throughout the development and after. It’s refreshing to see a master planned estate take such consideration for the future of them and their children.”

Some may say we have left the best until last… so if you thought things couldn't get any better, let’s talk about how Yarrabilba is thinking about OUR planet and YOUR future.

In 2019, Yarrabilba put in motion their Circular Economy Strategy; a production/consumption plan to reduce, re-use, regenerate, share, and recycle existing materials and products for as long as possible in order to extend their life cycle and minimise environmentally damaging output.

“We are working towards new sustainability goals to mitigate the impact of climate change.”

Tony Lombardo (Lendlease Group CEO)

Understanding the need for action against climate change and collaborating with contractors, builders and the community, Yarrabilba’s Circular Economy Strategy is leading the way amongst master-planned communities creating a new era in sustainable living.

Check out what this Mother Earth loving suburb has been doing to give back;

  • Planted 40,000 Pongomia trees onsite which are a biodiesel crop and will offset the diesel required to construct Yarrabilba by more than 2.5 times
  • First master-planned community to provide a fast electric vehicle charging station – offered to residents and visitors for free!
  • Partnering with local schools to deliver sustainability education programs, teaching kids about the circular food economy linking food, waste, composting and growing
  • First electric bus in Queensland which is now part of Yarrabilba’s public transport network
  • Collecting seeds and growing plants that are native to Yarrabilba and replanting them in our open spaces to enhance the biodiversity of the site
  • Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels by phasing out gas connections to residential precincts
  • Reuse resources onsite (for example soil, rocks and water) during the construction of Yarrabilba to minimise our environmental impact

We are all doing the best we can to consider our personal impact on the environment, thus when it comes to building a new home, knowing that where you are building, who you are building with, and how the community are positively contributing towards climate change can help you feel at ease.

Our 3 Fun Favourites…

We highly rate Yarrabilba as a place to build your future home, for a plethora of reasons; as you can tell; but if you still are on the fence, perhaps these 3 fun facts about the suburb will help you decide if this really is the suburb for you!

  • Mingle Markets

Every second Friday of the month finds yourself mingling with family, friends and new neighbors at the Yarrabilba Mingle Markets! Enjoy delicious international food, live music and beautiful local arts, crafts, and homewares at this event brought to the community by the Creative Collective Cultural Community INC, a local not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting new and innovative approaches to arts development and projects.

  • The New Family and Community Place

This welcoming family facility was created to give families in the region the support and assistance they need to give their children the best possible start to life. If you have kids, or are planning to start a family, feel connected and held within the community at the various programs and resources available here. Such includes; a breakfast club, immunization clinic, child health nurse, supported playgroups and a First 5 Forever program. Future programs will include art, music, a toy and puzzle library and book exchange!

  • Nature Walks

Blessed with surrounding natural beauty backing onto Plunkett Conservation Park, the community is spoilt for choice when it comes to exploring national parks, reserves and wildlife. There is nothing better than getting out for some fresh air on a beautiful day, so with the Jinnung Jalli Native trail and Wickham Reserve close by, you and the family can delight in a fun-filled day of bushwalking in what feels like an extension of your backyard!

Become the ‘new kid on the block’ in Yarrabilba,

where life is brimming with choice.

Posted on:

Thursday, January 12, 2023